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Holy Name Housing was founded by residents of the neighborhoods we serve who wanted to restore the area to its diverse and stable roots.



Since our incorporation in 1983 as a 501(c)3 non-profit, Holy Name Housing Corporation has been revitalizing Omaha neighborhoods by renovating old homes and building new homes, strengthening neighborhoods and empowering residents to move from renters to homeowners.


The mission of Holy Name Housing is to provide quality affordable housing options and homeownership education in Omaha and surrounding communities. To strengthen neighborhoods and empower individuals and families to be informed responsible residents.  To respect all residents’ rights to quality affordable housing in a safe and healthy community.


“We believe that every Omaha resident has an opportunity for decent and affordable housing in order to promote a safe and healthy community.”

Management Philosophy

Holy Name Housing Corporation’s management is committed to our residents, our partners and our investors.   It is the responsibility of Holy Name Housing Corporation’s staff to fulfill our long-term commitment to the quality of the lives of our residents, the physical appearance and fiscal stability of our properties and the well-being of the neighborhoods and communities in which our housing is located.



As a pioneer in offering supportive services in a Rent to Own program, Holy Name Housing Corporation is in the forefront of providing efficient and sensitive management service to the people we serve.  Holy Name Housing believes that affordable housing should be well-maintained and remain an asset to its community over the long term. We manage HNHC’s developments from completions with the long-term welfare of both buildings and residents in mind.


“In the 6 years I lived in a Holy Name house, I was able to finish my bachelors and begin working on my masters, pay off debt, establish and move up in my career, get married, have another child, and so much more. I gained the experience, wisdom and knowledge necessary to be a home owner. But mostly, I was able to own a home (the day after my 29th birthday!) for my children; a place they could always come back to. You see, there is only one home in my entire family that dates back to my childhood and that's my grandparents home in Detroit, MI. I wanted so badly for my children to be able to grow up in one home and for them to be able to come back to that home to share fond memories. It provides safety and security. This will be our forever home and our entire family is so grateful for the opportunities that Holy Name provided.”

- Holy Name Housing Crown Graduate

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